At SkinSpaceUK, we offer a welcoming and supportive space for our transgender and LGBTQ+ clients to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. We understand the crucial role that hairless skin plays in the transition process. This isn’t just about removing hair; it’s about forming your identity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. 

Our dedicated team of practitioners work collaboratively with our clients, with the overarching goal of helping you to achieve long-term hairless results, quickly and comfortably. The treatment is virtually pain-free and safe for all skin types and can be used on any area of the body where unwanted hair growth is a problem. Schedule a consultation today to see if transgender hair removal by SkinSpaceUK is right for you.

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    Your experienced SkinSpaceUK specialist will carry out a small patch test 24 hours prior to your appointment to determine suitability and to talk you through the process in detail. Many of our clients report finding this session reassuring, as it offers a gauge of what the treatment will feel like.

    On the day of your treatment, your SkinSpaceUK practitioner will apply a clear gel to assist the laser head to glide across the skin. The laser is then applied to the treatment area, using precisely controlled pulses to pass safely through the skin’s dermal layers, straight to the hair root where heat is absorbed to destroy the hair follicles.

    After the area has been treated, your SkinSpaceUK specialist will provide aftercare advice.


    SkinSpaceUK’s friendly and discreet team are here to put you at ease, from the moment you pick up the phone or walk through our doors. 

    Once you have decided on your tailored treatment plan, we’ll arrange an appointment at one of SkinSpaceUK’s eight conveniently located clinics in London, Richmond, Reading, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham.

    The duration of treatment will vary depending on your skin colour, hair type and the area being treated, but the precision of the Soprano technology means that sessions are condensed and quicker than traditional laser treatments. 

    Unlike waxing or shaving, SkinSpaceUK’s hair removal system offers a permanent hair reduction solution to unwanted hair on the body and face. The results? Super smooth, hair-free skin that’s soft to the touch. 



    “Trans friendly, great service. Most of my appointments have been with Shanqida who is awesome. 10/10 would go again.”


    “I think it’s important to start out by stating that I am a Transgender Man. I am tired of shaving my neck beard, and having watched my Trans sisters enjoy the benefits of LHR and electrolysis I decided to try it myself. 

    SkinSpace was the third or fourth treatment centre I visited. The staff were all lovely, totally welcoming and friendly, absolutely no awkwardness. They were very knowledgeable and thorough with the information they shared, making sure I understood the ins and outs of both processes (I considered both LHR and electrolysis before going with the former) and answering all my questions.”


    “Can’t recommend this place enough. I have had such a wonderful experience here and the girls are so attentive and real.
    I came here having done lots of research around facial hair removal for trans women, and from the start the level of respect and honesty about what to expect regards number of sessions, cost, pain etc has been outstanding. What was originally a very lonely prospect has turned out to be something I look forward to, obviously because each session brings me closer to my reality but mostly because their understanding of how personal a journey this is, and how much this means to me is reflected in their support and their openness.”

    treatment faqs

    Most clients only experience a gentle warming sensation in the area being treated. Some report a minor snapping sensation during the treatment.

    For permanent hair reduction, we recommend a course of at least 12 treatments spaced at 6-8 week intervals.

    For six weeks prior to your laser treatment, please do not wax, epilate, bleach or thread the treatment area. Once laser treatment has started you must stop all hair removal methods except for shaving.

    At least two weeks before and after your appointment please discontinue using hair removal creams, fake tan, bleaching products, strong emollients, aromatherapy oils and perfumes in the treatment areas. During this time we recommended avoiding the sun and throughout your treatment course we highly recommend using an SPF30+ sunscreen.

    For seven days prior and after your appointment, please discontinue any skin irritants (Retin-A, Retinols, Glycolic and Salicylic acids).

    Before every treatment, please advise us of medical conditions and medications that you are taking, including antibiotics or steroids. Certain drugs and herbal medications (e.g. St John’s Wort) can make your skin photosensitive and increase the risk of unwanted side effects. If you have a history of cold sores, antiviral medication may be used prior to treatment and continued for one week after.

    12 hours prior to your appointment please shave the treatment area and ensure that it is clean. Please ensure any moles, skin lesions, pigmentation, tattoos and scars in the treatment area are covered with a white plaster, leaving a two cm border around the treatment area.

    Immediately after treatment you may experience redness and swelling of the hair follicle in the treatment area. This is a normal part of the process and will start to subside after a few hours. To minimise any discomfort following treatment, Aloe Vera gel and ice packs can be applied to the treated areas. Please do not pick or scratch any of this skin as it heals.

    Avoid sun exposure (including sun-beds) for a minimum of two weeks to reduce the chance of hyperpigmentation or darker pigmentation.

    If your underarms have been treated, please use a power deodorant for 24 hours after treatment to reduce skin irritation. Avoid hot baths and heat treatments for the first few days after treatment.

    In the unlikely event that a blister or burn should occur, you can apply vitamin E liberally to aid healing. Do not burst any blister(s) as this may lead to scarring.

    Anywhere from 5 – 20 days after treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur. Please do be patient as laser hair treatment can vary and require a number of sessions before you see results.


    Here at SkinSpaceUK we offer first-time customers introductory prices for your first booking. We also have daily offers on that change each day, these are available for both new and returning customers. To book at our introductory prices, or to find out what our daily offer is, please call us on 020 3925 3752 and we’ll be happy to help. 

    Our prices for returning customers are shown below. Returning customers, don’t forget to call for daily offers!

    Our prices for returning customers are shown below. Returning customers, don’t forget to call for daily offers!

    prices (6-8 weeks between treatments)